Diana Hong

Diana Hong - 2017 Sacramento Stand-Up CompetitionA retired vagabond and Sacramento native, Diana Hong is a stand-up comedian who has performed at bars and comedy clubs across the country and is a regular at Tommy T’s in Rancho Cordova, Sacramento Punch Line, San Francisco Punch Line, and Laughs Unlimited. Much like other Korean girls who grew up in the 90s, Diana spent most of her life playing competitive golf, but due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a disdain for running and a new-found appreciation for money, her enthusiasm for golf dwindled. After a year of an unsuccessful professional career, she decided to pursue her dream of making people laugh, other than her coworkers. Diana uses her affably stoic personality to charm and entertain audiences by sharing personal and social observations with satirical undertones. With a life ranging from professional athletics to retail, and with the personal trials in between, Diana is sure to entertain audiences from all walks of life.

Preliminary Round #2