The sixth annual Sacramento Stand-Up Competition was held Friday, June 22 through Saturday, June 23, 2108 at Sacramento Comedy Spot. This event featured 30 comedians from all over the country competing for a $1,000 Grand Prize. 

Congratulations to our 2018 competition performers!

Yaseen Alhaidari

Michael Alvarenga

Jason Anderson

Josh Argyle

Jason Bargert - 2017 Sacramento Stand-Up Competition

Jason Bargert

Chelsea Bearce

A.J. DeMello

Mike Devore

Evelyn Eerie Diamond

Amy Estes

Sean Hamrin

Benton Harshaw

Jon Lehre

Ian Levy

Marcus Mangham

Connor Martin

Melissa McGillicuddy

Ed Mena

Big Mickey

Teo Morgan

Braden Murphy

Parker Newman

Robert Omoto

Kristee Ono

Marcus Peverill

Sandra Risser

Roman Spinale

Richard Stockton

Saul Trujillo

Pauline Yasuda

Featured and Headlining Performers

Steph Garcia

Daniel Hamburger

Chazz Hawkins

Shahera Hyatt

Chad Opitz

Ellis Rodriguez

Kiry Shabazz


Cory Barringer

Robert Berry

Diana Hong

Becky Lynn

Alfonso Portela

Luke Soin